Alma Greer
The Community Enterprise Centre
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Dear Simon On behalf of The Community Enterprise Centre we would like to say a HUGE thank you for coming to do a Children's First Aid presentation to the children of Ridgeway Infants School, Littleover, Derby. They were thoroughly excited and well behaved to learn from what you delivered. Both teachers and helpers present learned something new that they could take back with them to apply in life. Your talks and practicals were both engaging and confidence building to all concerned. We hope we will be able to work with you in the near future, but in the mean time it just leaves me to say thank you once again for the superb input and making The Community Safety Day Event a two day success!
Sharpness Primary School, Berkeley, Gloucester
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Hi Leanne I just wanted to drop you a line to say a massive thank you for the fantastic first aid course we took part in today. Simon was great and did a brilliant job of getting across important information in a relaxed, enjoyable way. The children absolutely LOVED it and they were all keen to go home and teach their parents! Thank you so much, and hopefully we'll be seeing 'Flat Stan' again soon.
Rachael (Charlottes mum)
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On the 30th August 2019 while I had gone to the toilet leaving my 1 and 7 year old children for 2 minutes, my 1 year old son swallowed a 5p coin. Thanks to the amazing fast actions of Charlotte, his 7 year old sister he is absolutely fine. The hospital said she saved him from at least needing surgery, if not his life. When I told Charlotte what the hospital had said she said that she learnt it in "Flat Stanley first aid". I googled Flat Stanley First Aid and discovered Flat Stan First Aid. it comes up with you. Charlotte took part in a Flat Stan First Aid workshop when she was at infant school and I believe the skills she learnt saved her brothers life. I 100% agree with Simon from Flat Stan First Aid that children can be amazing in a crisis and with first aid knowledge can be little life savers. Well as Charlotte has proven this. I believe all primary school children should be taught First Aid and it is great to hear First Aid is going to form part of the school curriculum. I think everyone, regardless of age, should have basic first aid knowledge. I have done a variety of first aid courses myself going back to when I was young and it has stuck with me. Charlotte has been asking to go to another First Aid workshop again. I cannot thank Simon enough for what he and Flat Stan First Aid are doing.
Sue Evans
Science lead at Phoenix Primary School
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We booked the Flat Stan first aid sessions as an activity for our 2017 science week. We were impressed by their helpful manner in organising what was the best programme for us and their positive attitude and professionalism. Our children from the foundation stage to year 6, including children with a variety of SEN experienced a session throughout the day. Simon had a lovely way with the children and listened to their comments and questions with real interest. Children reported to their teachers that they enjoyed the sessions and now know why they need "to make them cough when they are choking." (Year 1 child). Staff particularly liked the simple Flat Stan manikins that were used with the children. We felt that this put the children at ease. We had a super day with Flat Stan and would happily make it part of our science week again.
Michael Scott
Deputy Head Teacher - Someries Infant and Nursery School – Luton, Beds.
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We approached Flat Stan to deliver first aid training to all of our year two pupils in January 2017. Pupils and staff found the workshops really engaging and age-appropriate. Pupils developed a good understanding of different ways to respond in an emergency situation and the booklet they were provided with enabled them to share this with their families. Parents and carers were also really positive about the workshops and valued their child's develop, met of key skills in this area. We would definitely recommend Flat Stan first aid training to any school and will be adding this training to our core provision moving forwards. In a recent Ofsted inspection, inspectors were positive about the first aid training pupils received (report available on our school website).
Liz Ginger
Deputy Headteacher - Swallow Dell Primary School
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Hi Simon, I thought I needed to email you before the day is over and as Keith is doing such an amazing job! ( Keith Mewes Snr) I haven't been able to stay for a session, but have seen the children afterwards and they have been so excited and couldn't wait to tell me what they had learnt. I think they now want to take this role on in school! The staff who have attended the sessions, cannot speak highly enough of Keith, how he has presented the teaching and learning, his style and manner with the children....a true professional. As an ex nurse, I feel these life skills are so important and we have several children within our school who are carers or share a caring role for their older siblings with medical conditions that are life threatening. This has been brilliant and thank you. Kind regards
Carol Rickleton
Brookland Infant and Nursery School - London
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"Can I just say how engaging the sessions were. As you know this fitted in perfectly with our Emergency 999 topic in year 2. The children asked questions and shared their knowledge and really enjoyed the opportunity to practise their learnt first aid skills on each other when they applied bandages and slings. They worked collaboratively and supported each other. Sam was a fabulous trainer and we very much look forward to you working with us again."
Elm Court School – Lambeth
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The end of term saw students participating in First Aid Workshop courtesy of Flat Stan, a company dedicated to introducing children everywhere to Essential Life Skills so that now or later on in life they will know what to do in an emergency so that they can help themselves and others – and all live happily ever after! We had a first aid event at school. I thought it was cool. I like first aid; we learnt how to do CPR. We also learnt how to deal with a cut and also how to bandage an arm. The guy who taught us was Sam, he was funny. I had already done first aid before this so it was just a refresher for me, but I thought it was good that other people were learning this stuff. By Jodie, Year 10
Yolande Preston 5th Sowerby Bridge Rainbows
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Hi Rhona, May I once again take the opportunity to say Thank You for providing such a professional, fun and educational experience for our Rainbows. I have had a few of the parents contact myself saying what an impact the session has had on their daughters and them also. As discussed with Simon I have and will continue to promote this excellent service within Primary Schools in the Kirklees area where I provide supply cover. One School is already looking into funding to enable ‘Flat Stan First Aid’ implement the programme to their year 5 and 6 students, enabling them to make informed and effective decisions in First Aid Keep up the excellent service and assistance in saving lives. Yours in Guiding