Home Education

Approximately 95,000 ( 95 Thousand children ) have taken part in our workshops across the UK to date. The workshops are predominately delivered in primary schools and occasionally to children groups.
We believe every child should have the opportunity to learn various life skills, including First Aid. Our digital resources allow children to be introduced to First Aid at home using our series of bite-sized videos and the Flat Stan First Aid guide.
We know children can make a difference in an emergency and we know of two instances where children have saved their younger siblings lives using skills they have learnt with Flat Stan First Aid.

What The Videos Cover

The benefit of the digital programme is that time can be taken to introduce children to these life-saving skills, and they can revisit the topics during the 12 month licence period. Historically the face to face workshops take 60 – 75 minutes, and children would leave with a Flat Stan First Aid guide and certificate.
The guide is an integral part of the experience because children can use it to share their experience with friends, family and siblings.
We realise the importance of maximising safety whilst minimising risk and the videos allow for this.
Upon receiving payment for the programme, you will be given access to the online training portal.