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We received the following testimonial from North Chadderton School in Oldham:

“Our students found the course thoroughly enjoyable, and many have commented on how valuable they found the training. All of our Year 13s who attended the workshop with Simon found it incredibly valuable.  Simon was engaging and held the students attention and kept the sessions exciting and informative. The students particularly enjoyed the hands-on approach delivered by Simon and found the practical elements very useful. When I completed a student voice here are some of the comments I received:

Question: Why did you find the Flat Stan First Aid session useful?


  • It’s always good to know what to do in extreme situations so I’m glad I learnt
  • It was really useful as i have learnt a life skill which may come in to use one day
  • I think it will help in the future/ at university
  • It was really helpful as it informed me how to properly give CPR and I would’ve done CPR on the wrong part of the body, but this has helped me a lot.
  • very informative and did its job perfectly relaying the information needed for a possible emergency

100% of the students said they feel more confident in dealing with a first aid incident following the workshop. Furthermore 100% of the students said they would recommend the training to others.”

–Jayne Foden, PE teacher

Following on from our award winning workshops for Primary school children we are pleased to announce our First Aid Workshops for secondary schools. The workshops satisfy the PSHE requirements and introduce children to range of First Aid Skills. Children are taught how to deal with common injuries, CPR using “traditional” manikins, how to use a defibrillator and how to deal with an unconscious casualty. The emphasis is on teaching the children in a fun, enriching and innovative way. At Flat Stan First Aid we understand the importance of being inclusive and the workshops are also aimed at SEN, language, social and emotional development, literacy and communication.
Flat Stan First Aid secondary school workshops are available throughout the UK in secondary schools and are delivered nationally by our team of qualified and experienced trainers.
The 60 - 75 minute workshops will provide the children with the skills and knowledge to recognise a variety of first aid situations.
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Every child will receive a comprehensive First Aid guide to keep so they can recap the information whenever they want.
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All children who complete the Flat Stan training course will be awareded by a recognised company certificate.
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