Special Schools

We recently visited Future Horizons in Leeds and received the following comments from the Learning Coordinator:

“I did not know what to expect when booking in with Flat Stan, but not only was I listened to but also the needs of the students were listened to which meant the world. The fact that the session could be adapted in so many different ways, and also that there were no preconceptions from Simon coming in made all staff and students feel relaxed and welcome. This was seen with the students’ response to the activities throughout, as some were unsure of the dummies but by the end of the session showed so much confidence in themselves and trust in Simon – it was so amazing to see.

Students were allowed to interact in the activity how they pleased, some just touching bandages or watching the session, whereas others fully got involved with CPR demonstrations. I am so thankful for organisations like Flat Stan that are open to coming to Specialist colleges like ours and showing that inclusion is possible in more ways than we think. Thanks to the team for a great day – roll on the next one!”

We also received the following feedback from a teacher at St John’s Catholic Specialist School in Wetherby:

“It can be exceptionally difficult to find resources that work with children with special needs. Also, in one class there can be multiple different learning levels to differentiate for. The Flat Stan First Aid course really helps because the presenter and the content are ‘just right’. The presenter’s speed and his language used are excellent. The workshops/website are really easy to access and when time is short, having a product that you can pick up and put down easily and rely on is really valuable. There are times when I only have a few moments spare to prepare and because of how accessible the course is, it is my ‘go to’ product. Other first aid courses do not target younger age groups or special needs children in such a good way.”